The world in 365 days

The world in 365 days through the lens of my camera and iPhone.

The year is 2012.

I will capture the world everyday. I will at least make one photo and/or one video of the place I happen to be in or at everyday and/or what is happening there.

All photo's and video's (except for timelapse video's) are not altered.

If you are using tablet or smart phone, some earlier video's might not load.

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Countries listed: Belgium (BE), Bulgaria (BG), China (CN), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Germany (DE), Greece (GR), Indonesia (ID), The Netherlands (NL).
Cities listed: Agios Nikolaos (GR), Akrotiri (GR), Amstelveen (NL), Amsterdam (NL), Apeldoorn (NL), Arnhem (NL), Asklipeiou (GR), Baarle-Hertog (BE), Baarle-Nassau (NL), Barneveld (NL), Beijing (CN), Best (NL), Blagoevgrad (BG), Bocholt (DE), Boxtel (NL), Cavtat (HR), Chania (GR), Chersonissos (GR), Cuijk (NL), Delft (NL), Den Bosch/'s Hertogenbosch (NL), Deventer (NL), Dubrovnik (HR), Eindhoven (NL), Emporio (GR), Essen (DE), Fira (GR), Firostefani (GR), Gouda (NL), Groningen (NL), Haldern (DE), Hangzhou (CN), Haskovo (BG), Heraklion (GR), Huangshan (CN), Huizen (NL), Imerovigli (GR), Jakarta (ID), Kevelaer (DE), Kolossi (CY), Kolymbari (GR), Limassol (CY), Lindos (GR), Lingen (DE), Lippstadt (DE), Maastricht (NL), Messaria (GR), Monolithos (GR), Nordhorn (DE), Oberhausen (DE), Oia (GR), Oisterwijk (NL), Paderborn (DE), Paphos (CY), Perissa (GR), Ploce (HR), Plovdiv (BG), Polis (CY), Pyrgos (GR), Radio Kootwijk (NL), Rethymno (GR), Rhodes Town (GR), Semarang (ID), Shanghai (CN), Siana (GR), Šibenik (HR), Soest (DE), Sofia (BG), Split (HR), Stalos (GR), Stavros (GR), Ston (HR), Suzhou (CN), Supetar (HR), The Hague/Den Haag/'s-Gravenhage (NL), Trogir (HR), Trpanj (HR), Turnhout (BE), Ugchelen (NL), Utrecht (NL), Valkenswaard (NL), Waalre-Aalst (NL), Weeze (DE), Westervoort (NL), Xanten (DE), Xitang (CN), Zadar (HR), Zeewolde (NL), Zutphen (NL), Zwolle (NL).

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 02 2012

Location: Hofstraat, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Time: 11.54
Condition: Grey sky
Umbrella handle sticking out of Apeldoorn's water

Location: Hoofdstraat, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Time: 17.11
The new JT Cinema

28 02 2012

Location: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Time: Between 16.36 and 16.37
Condition: Grey, very light rain, temperature 9C
So foggy you can not almost see the apartment building between the trees

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

27 02 2012

Location: Raveland, Westervoort, The Netherlands
Time: Between 11.26 and 11.27

Location: Corner of Bovenbeekstraat and Roggestraat, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Time: 11.57
Condition: A glimpse of blue sky

Location: Kerkplein, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Time: 12.17

Location: Jansplein, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Time: Between 14.20 and 14.23
Old Post Office, now a bookstore

Location: Dorpsplein and Zuidelijke Parallelweg, Westervoort, The Netherlands
Time: Between 16.28 and 16.34
Town Hall
Train Station

Location: Huize Vredenburg, Klapstraat, Westervoort, The Netherlands
Time: Between 17.03 and 17.05

26 02 2012

Location: Ugchelen, The Netherlands
Time: Between 17.35 and 17.46
Library building on sale
Gas prices at a gas station

Almost like in Bulgaria

25 02 2012

Location: Radio Kootwijk, The Netherlands
Time: Between 14.58 and 15.19
Condition: Grey sky

Rays of light through the clouds
Literally: It is here that the past and the present collide

Sunday, February 26, 2012

24 02 2012

Location: Stadsplein, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Time: Between 15.33 and 15.36
Condition: Grey sky
Inside the mall
New Peking City Restaurant
Location: Schiphol, The Netherlands
Time:  19.27

Location: Schiphol, The Netherlands
Time: Around 20.15

Location: A4/E19 between Schiphol and Amsterdam
Time: Sometimes after 21.00
Condition: In the car, playing with the phone
Look how many gas stations there are

23 02 2012

Location: Houstondreef & Klopdijk, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: Between 09.27 and 09.28
Condition: Temperature 9C

Location: De Gagel, Overvecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: Between 14.07 and 14.16

22 02 2012

Location: In the sky, somewhere close to Eindhoven
Time: Between 07.41 and 07.44
Condition: Almost landed at Eindhoven Airport